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Cloud Services

Stay secure anytime anywhere with business grade security across your range of computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

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Cloud Security for Business

Security with power and flexibility

We recommend the best in class AVG cloud care business for total business security that’s fast to deploy and easy to customize and manage. We can easily fine tune the setup for your business so you only pay for the services you need.

Security anytime anywhere

Modern businesses can have remote workers, your people can be home and office based. Your team may be using their own phone, tablet and laptop with different web browsers. The challenge is to protect your business and, most importantly, your customer data. This is where AVG cloud care excels.

Complete data protection

Stop data damage and system downtime by excluding access to malicious websites that deliver spyware, malware and other threats. Maintain productivity by limiting social networking and online shopping. Stop unwanted intrusions to your business network with advanced firewall protection.

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Smart Cloud Management

One click connection

This adds up to seamless super fast management of all the computers and devices across your business network. IT management time is slashed, so cost reduction can be passed on.

Agile file transfer

File management across the network and devices is made easy. Device shutdown and restarts can be initiated quickly. You're covered with remote monitoring and comprehensive system controls both on desktop admin and mobile app.

Backup offsite/onsite

Protect customer data against theft/loss with regular scheduled or unscheduled backups. Data can be stored using three tier encryption at a top line data centre or alternatively via an onsite storage solution.

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Sophisticated Email Security

GFI is best in class

We have worked with, tried and tested many email security systems and there is one that stands out. GFI have really focused on engineering superior spam filtration, it’s incredibly fast and consistent at blocking email borne malware and viruses.

Spammers are smart but…

The GFI email security is intelligent and improves with time. Each email address receives a periodical digest, including a summary of all the probable spam. GFI remembers and develops its filtration system.

Simpology’s setup expertise

GFI needs technical expertise to setup and configure for optimal use but that’s why you employ experts. Control content that enters and leaves your network via email based on your preferences.

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